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Navigate through the Chinese social media landscape: Expert solutions from Ecentime for European brands.

The opportunities offered to brands by Chinese social media platforms

According to the 2023 report, Chinese social media platforms have experienced strong development dynamics in terms of content innovation and marketing. They have seen significant growth in scale, with particularly notable progress for Xiaohongshu. These platforms have actively promoted the prosperity of the content creation ecosystem, striving to improve content quality and user experience. At the same time, they have deepened the integration of e-commerce into content, thereby expanding opportunities for commercial cooperation.

According to the 2023 New Media Data Report:

  • Douyin now has 743 million users, an increase of 5.2% compared to 2022, with over 700 million daily active users and an average usage time per person of 115.2 minutes.

  • Xiaohongshu has 260 million users, a 30% increase compared to 2022, with over 100 million daily active users and an average usage time per person of 77.67 minutes.

  • Kuaishou has 685 million users, up 9.4% from 2022, with over 386 million daily active users and an average usage time per person of 102.4 minutes.

  • WeChat has 1.336 billion users, a 2.0% increase compared to 2022. Data on daily active users and average usage time for videos are not available for 2023.

Regarding the business model characteristics, Douyin is exploring new commercial directions by focusing on local lifestyles, with life services as the main business axis. Xiaohongshu is enhancing the integration between content creation and e-commerce, exploring various commercial opportunities, and creating a shopping economy on its platform. WeChat Video is improving its e-commerce infrastructure, reducing entry barriers, and enhancing product selection efficiency. Kuaishou is optimizing the product selection experience, developing the physical industries economy, and actively exploring commercial opportunities in the mass consumption domain.

Each platform has launched multiple commercial support programs and activities to attract and assist various types of creators and merchants, thereby promoting ecological development and diversification of platform content. Through traffic support and policy incentives, these platforms have helped authors and merchants achieve commercial growth.

Douyin provides support for traffic, new merchants, and specific sectors. WeChat Video evaluates merchants' brand strength comprehensively, rewarding them based on their compliance with certain conditions. Due to its strong verticality, primarily composed of young brands, Xiaohongshu actively promotes the personal shopping program, encouraging cooperation between business accounts and personal shopping accounts to help merchants increase product sales during major promotions.

Brands and merchants can choose product and service tracks tailored to the preferences of users on different platforms, optimize keywords, improve content visibility, use precise targeting tools to reach audiences, and optimize strategies based on data feedback to improve marketing efficiency. By focusing on the marketing characteristics of platforms, brands can maximize marketing benefits. For example, the precise recommendation algorithms of Douyin and Xiaohongshu can be leveraged by increasing investments in these two platforms during peak marketing periods.

Custom Solutions by Ecentime

With over six years of experience collaborating with European brands, Ecentime offers consulting services aimed at assisting brands in managing their presence on Chinese social media platforms. Our commitment is to support European brands in exploring the possibilities offered by the evolution of social media in China by providing tailor-made professional solutions. We are dedicated to helping you create and manage your social media account, allowing you to share the most attractive aspects of your brand with Chinese consumers. Additionally, we will assist you in defining your brand identity in the Chinese market, enabling you to better target consumers interested in your brand and likely to become loyal customers.

Furthermore, our expertise allows us to accompany you in developing a user-generated content (UGC) publishing strategy on social media, aiming to strengthen your online presence. With a wealth of experience with over 3,300 European brands, we can offer you a customized plan, including defining your account identity, establishing a publication schedule, creating content, and identifying key influencer profiles, to perfectly reflect your brand's positioning and values.

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