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The Impact of Digital Word of Mouth: The Rise of KOCs in China

Today, KOCs (Key Opinion Customers) play a significant role in the Chinese marketing landscape. This type of influencer has been popularized by the importance placed by Chinese culture on the trust attributed to word of mouth.

This C2C (Customer to Customer) recommendation model, already highly developed in China, has been highlighted by social media platforms like Little Red Book, which allow consumers to exchange opinions on purchased products or discover brands and products through shared experiences by other platform users, who are themselves consumers.

What are KOCs?

KOCs, or Key Opinion Customers, are consumers who personally promote a company's products through their reviews. Unlike Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), KOCs are ordinary consumers with a limited number of followers, but their influence is significant. Being ordinary consumers themselves, they are perceived as accessible and trustworthy, which enhances their impact on the public.

Their main goal is to provide personalized and authentic reviews, making them particularly attractive for conversion-focused brands. KOCs are highly appreciated for their ability to connect with their audience, thus offering greater reliability in their recommendations.

What are the advantages of KOCs?

KOCs produce authentic content resembling those shared by a friend in your social circle, using a personalized and pragmatic approach to share their experience.

Moreover, they offer a variety of options, expanding consumers' choices when seeking recommendations on products or services. Thus, the strength of KOCs lies in the reliability of their reviews, based on their own experience. It is this authenticity that guides consumers' purchasing decisions when seeking trustworthy products.

However, it is important to note that their reach is often limited due to their lower number of followers, so it is often necessary to collaborate with multiple KOC profiles to reach a broader audience.

If you are interested in strategic partnerships with KOCs or KOLs to reach a wide Chinese audience, you can contact us.

At ECENTIME, we specialize in digital marketing and can offer you a customized solution tailored to your specific needs. With our experience, we already collaborate with numerous brands to design effective and multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.

We are experts in integrating KOC and KOL marketing to ensure tangible results and increased visibility for your brand in the Chinese market.

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