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User Cases

As one of our key fashion partners, we've provided Burberry with extensive exposure and promotional opportunities. Articles related to Burberry posted on WeChat and Weibo have garnered significant readership, including high click-through rates. For instance, the article posted on Slot 2 of our WeChat official account on December 30, 2019, attracted 11,875 views. Similarly, the discount article posted on Weibo on April 21, 2020, garnered substantial user engagement with a total of 83,000 views. These data highlight the crucial support our platform provides to enhance Burberry's visibility and influence in the Chinese market.


We have collaborated with several renowned jewelry brands, providing them with extensive exposure and traffic in the Chinese market. Through our platform, articles posted by brands such as Garrard, Monica Vinader, Astrid & Miyu, and others on social media platforms like WeChat and Weibo have attracted significant readership, thereby enhancing their visibility and influence in the Chinese market.


We have partnered with multiple renowned beauty and skincare brands, providing them with extensive exposure and traffic through our platform. From Fresh to Shiseido, Kiehl's to Lancôme, we have released promotional content for these brands across various channels. This includes articles posted on social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and Little Red Book, as well as special offers published on our website. For instance, articles about Fresh garnered over 44,000 views shortly after publication, while promotional articles for brands like Shiseido and Kiehl's attracted thousands or even tens of thousands of views across different channels. Through our multi-channel promotion, these brands have successfully garnered more attention and business opportunities, laying a solid foundation for their growth in the Chinese market.

beauty and skincare

We have partnered with YanJi BBQ to bring extensive exposure and traffic to their divine restaurant. Articles published about YanJi BBQ have attracted over 9,000 views, with this number continuing to grow steadily in 2022. Through Red Scarf, YanJi BBQ has successfully captured more attention from food enthusiasts, bringing greater brand exposure and business opportunities for its unique charcoal-grilled skewes and Korean cuisine.


As our key partner, the British health product brand Holland & Barrett has experienced significant exposure and traffic in the Chinese market through our collaboration. Articles published about Holland & Barrett have attracted substantial readership. Additionally, promotional articles featuring deals such as the Holland & Barrett Buy One Get One Free promotion have garnered over 14,000 views on our website. Content related to Holland & Barrett on social media platforms has also received widespread attention, with the Black Friday discount information posted on Weibo reaching a staggering 41,000 views. Through our multi-channel promotion, Holland & Barrett has achieved remarkable success in the Chinese market, providing substantial momentum for its brand development.

Holland & Barrett

In the past year, we have conducted promotional campaigns for multiple real estate clients on the WeChat platform, yielding significant results. From 2021 to 2022, we collaborated with various real estate clients to publish a series of content that attracted substantial readership and attention.

Content focused on the UK market received significant attention, with articles about record-breaking property sales and city highlights garnering over 32,000 and 28,000 reads respectively. Collaborations with clients like JLL on topics such as exchange rates and market dynamics also attracted tens of thousands of reads. Our efforts have significantly boosted exposure and attention for these clients in the Chinese market.

Our events and entertainment content has garnered widespread exposure and attention across multiple platforms. From WeChat, Weibo, websites to Little Red Book, articles about London's West End musicals, popular exhibitions, and concerts have attracted hundreds of thousands of reads. Through cross-platform promotion, we've successfully provided comprehensive promotion for multiple brands and offered users a diverse range of entertainment options.

Legal Service

Our website articles cover various topics related to legal service, including frozen bank accounts, applying for UK startup visas, and applying for UK investor immigration visas. These articles, supported by our partner Jackson & Lyon, have attracted tens of thousands of reads on our website and thousands of reads on the WeChat platform. Through these articles, we provide readers with guidance and advice on addressing legal and visa issues they may encounter while living in the UK.

Our aviation transportation articles have achieved significant impact across various platforms. From website articles to WeChat and Weibo platforms, we have collaborated with partners such as Qatar Airways to publish content on topics including flight ticket comparisons, budget airlines, and airline services.

These articles have attracted hundreds of thousands of reads, providing readers with useful guidance and advice to make more informed decisions when selecting flights and purchasing tickets.

Through our multi-channel promotion, we have successfully delivered aviation transportation-related information to a wide audience, providing strong support for their travels.

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